How To Court A Girl

So, it has finally happened to you, probably when you least expected it — you feel your stomach leap into your throat because your eyes meet hers from across a room. Instantly, you know that this young woman could just be the one, you make the bold move and you guys have finally fallen in love, everything seems perfect and you guys have decided to court. You must realize that successful courtship takes a lot more than just that a moment of eye contact and tingling sensation, it takes more than the first kiss and probably the great sex that followed. Courtship in itself is a period during which a couple become romantically involved in a relationship, especially with a view to marriage. We will understand courtship a lot better when we view marriage as a business transaction where two partners get to know themselves before going into business together, it involves intimate discussion about their goals in life (Vision and Mission), this period greatly dictates the success of the business (marriage) if it ever takes off.
I have seen cases where people get to discover that they are not compatible for each other during this period of courtship and call it quits and in over 90% of cases they remain friends as opposed to people who jumped into marriage and have to fight each other later during a very devastating divorce. Having said this, I can tell you for free that the importance of courtship cannot be over emphasized.
How to court a girl today is rather a quick and very simple process as opposed to the past when a man would court a virgin woman for months and sometimes years after which he will ask her father for permission to marry the daughter.
In today’s world, here are a few steps on how to court a girl





       Make Her Yours

If you are truly serious about courting a girl in a relationship with a view of marrying her, you must not treat her like just a girl that you are dating. Once you have convinced yourself that you want to get serious with her, you must first discuss this with her, get rid of any other girl in the picture. My point is, TREAT HER LIKE A WIFE BEFORE SHE BECOMES ONE
Girls value time and attention especially when it comes to love. You must pay attention to her needs and listen to her even when she rants, tell here that everything is going to be just fine and make her understand that you are always by side, send love quotes to her more often. Sometimes, she might test your patience just to know how sincere you are to her. Be patient especially when you are angry and correct her in love when your anger has gone cold, make her understand that what she did was wrong.
Women like it when guys puts in little efforts to make then feel loved and cherished. The very little acts of love most times are the weakness of women and the power of men. Meet with her family or friends. Visit her, Love what she loves, buy her gifts, no matter how small they may seems. Sometimes buy her lollipops or ice cream afterall, she is supposed to be your baby and kids lollipop and ice cream. Make her day colourful, cheer her up. Love letters are considered obsolete which is why you will appear different when you write them to her, Girls like it when guys are different in a sweet way, it gives them a lot to talk about with their fellow girls.
Finally, be ready to keep doing these things even after marriage, this is exactly how to court a girl.

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